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Second (hopefully final) release candidate for NetBSD 9.0 available

On behalf of the NetBSD project, it is my pleasure to announce the second
(and hopefully final release candidate of NetBSD 9.0.

Shortly after the first release candidate had been published  and
feedback came it, it became clear that this was not going to be the
final state of 9.0. In the end a lot of fixes were done, but we used
the opportunity to also incorporate more hardware support (Pinebook
Pro) and update a few components (dhcpcd, openssl).

We will be very restrictive with further changes and expect a quick
and smooth release from this point on. Tentative release date
is February 14, 2020.

As already mentioned with the first release candidate, many
changes have been made since 8.1.  Here are a few highlights:

 - Support for Arm AArch64 (64-bit Armv8-A) machines, including
   "Arm ServerReady"  compliant machines (SBBR+SBSA)
 - Enhanced hardware support for Armv7-A
 - Updated GPU drivers (e.g. support for Intel Kabylake)
 - Enhanced virtualization support
 - Support for hardware-accelerated virtualization (NVMM)
 - Support for Performance Monitoring Counters
 - Support for Kernel ASLR
 - Support several kernel sanitizers (KLEAK, KASAN, KUBSAN)
 - Support for userland sanitizers
 - Audit of the network stack
 - Many improvements in NPF
 - Updated ZFS
 - Reworked error handling and NCQ support in the SATA subsystem
 - Support a common framework for USB Ethernet drivers (usbnet)

Since the start of the release process sixth months ago a lot of improvements
went into the branch - nearly 700 pullups were processed!
This includes usbnet (a common framework for usb ethernet drivers), aarch64
stability enhancements and lots of new hardware support, installer/sysinst
fixes and changes to the NVMM (hardware virtualization) interface.

Binaries of NetBSD 9.0 RC2 are available for download via our Fastly

(or from, or one of
its mirrors)

Those who prefer to build from source can either use the netbsd-9-0-RC2
tag or follow the netbsd-9 branch.

Please help us out by testing 9.0_RC2.  We love any and all feedback.
Report problems through the usual channels (submit a PR or write to the
appropriate list).  More general feedback is welcome at
Your input will help us put the finishing touches on what promises to be a
great release!