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OpenSMTPD 7.5.0p0 Released

OpenSMTPD is a FREE implementation of the SMTP protocol with some common
extensions. It allows ordinary machines to exchange e-mails with systems
speaking the SMTP protocol. It implements a fairly large part of RFC5321
and can already cover a large range of use-cases.

It runs on OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFlyBSD, Linux and OSX.

The archives are now available from the main site at

We would like to thank the OpenSMTPD community for their help in testing
the snapshots, reporting bugs, contributing code and packaging for other

This is a major release with multiple bug fixes and new features.

Dependencies note:

This release builds with LibreSSL, or OpenSSL >= 1.1.

It's preferable to depend on LibreSSL as OpenSMTPD is written and tested
with that dependency. OpenSSL library is considered as a best effort
target TLS library and provided as a commodity, LibreSSL has become our
target TLS library.

Changes in this release:

 - Added support for RFC 7505 "Null MX" handling and treat an MX of
   "localhost" as it were a "Null MX".

 - Allow inline tables and filter listings in smtpd.conf(5) to span
   over multiple lines.

 - Enabled DSN for the implicit socket too.

 - Added the `no-dsn' option for listen on socket too.

 - Reject headers that start with a space or a tab.

 - Fixed parsing of the ORCPT parameter.

 - Fixed table lookups of IPv6 addresses.

 - Fixed handling of escape characters in To, From and Cc headers.

 - Run LMTP deliveries as the recipient user again.

 - Disallow custom commands and file reading in root's .forward file.

 - Do not process other users .forward files when an alternate
   delivery user is provided in a dispatcher.

 - Unify the table(5) parser used in smtpd(8) and makemap(8).

 - Allow to use table(5) mappings on various match constraints.

Portability fixes:

 - re-add ASR_IPV4_BEFORE_IPV6 compile-time knob to prefer connecting
   to IPv6 instead of IPv4.

 - update asr(3) and imsg with OpenBSD.

 - fixed rpath handling on NetBSD in the configure.


  SHA256 (opensmtpd-7.5.0p0.tar.gz)   84f5c1393c0c1becc72ceea971e0abd7075b2ca7e4e1f8909b83edfd8de0c39c


Starting with version 5.7.1, releases are signed with signify(1).

You can obtain the public key from our website, check with our community
that it has not been altered on its way to your machine.

    $ wget

Once you are confident the key is correct, you can verify the release as
described below:

1. download both release tarball and matching signature file to same directory:

    $ wget
    $ wget

2. use `signify` to verify that signature file is properly signed and that the
   checksum matches the release tarball you downloaded:

    $ signify -C -e -p -x opensmtpd-7.5.0p0.sum.sig
    Signature Verified
    opensmtpd-7.5.0p0.tar.gz: OK

If you don't get an OK message, then something is not right and you should not
install without first understanding why it failed.


You are encouraged to register to our general purpose mailing-list:

The "Official" IRC channel for the project is at:
    #opensmtpd @

Support us:

The project is maintained by volunteers, you can support us by:

- donating time to help test development branch during development cycle
- donating money to either one of the OpenBSD or OpenSMTPD project
- sponsoring developers through direct donations or patreon
- sponsoring developers through contracts to write features

Get in touch with us by e-mail or on IRC for more informations.

Reporting Bugs:

Please read
Security bugs should be reported directly to
Other bugs may be reported to