deadsimple BSD Security Advisories and Announcements

OpenBGPD 7.3 released

We have released OpenBGPD 7.3, which will be arriving in the
OpenBGPD directory of your local OpenBSD mirror soon.

This release includes the following changes to the previous release:

    * Macro expansion in the config file is improved. It is now possible
      to expand 'set large-community $myAS:$location:$transit'.

    * Add initial FIB support for Linux. Routes can be added and removed.
      Nexthop tracking and dynamic interface detection are not yet implemented. 

    * Major refactoring in the RIB codebase to add multipath support in
      an upcoming release.

OpenBGPD-portable is known to compile and run on FreeBSD, and
the Linux distributions Alpine, Debian, Fedora, RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu.
It is our hope that packagers take interest and help adapt OpenBGPD-portable
to more distributions.

We welcome feedback and improvements from the broader community.
Thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this release