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NetBSD 10.0 RC3 available!

The NetBSD project is pleased to announce the third (and hopefully
final) release candidate[1] of the upcoming 10.0 release, please help testing!
See the release anouncement[2] for details.
The netbsd-10 release branch is more than a year old now, so it is high
time the 10.0 release makes it to the front stage. This matches the
long time it took for the developement branch to get ready for
branching, a lot of developement went into this new release.
This also caused the release anouncement to be one of the longest we 
ever did.

Since RC1 there have been numerous changes, including major updates to
external software included in the release: Postfix, OpenSSH, and the
firmware used for Raspberry PI devices. Various issues with RC1 have
been fixed, including installer (sysinst) crashes. Lots of architecture
specific fixes happend, e.g. various toolchain changes for VAX (so it
is now finaly self-hosting again), and kernel changes for macppc,
netwinder, and alpha.

For RC3 only few (relatively) minor changes were made, including https
certificate verification in libfetch (which is used by pkg_ad(1)), and
also improvements to the EFI bootloader to better deal with booting
from CD (or in virtual machines ISO images), plus lots of various bug

If you want to test 10.0 RC3 please check the installation notes[4] for
your architecture and download the prefered install image[5] from the CDN
or if you are using an ARM based device from the netbsd-10 builds from
the bootable ARM images[6] page.

If you have any issues with installation or run into issues with the
system during use, please contact us on one of the mailing lists[7] or
file a problem report[8].

The NetBSD release engineering team
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