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MidnightBSD 3.0 release

I'm happy to announce immediate availability of MidnightBSD 3.0.

It includes too many improvements to list here, so I'll just include the 
release note link.

A few key updates include import of many FreeBSD 12.x features, OpenSSL 
1.1.1s (previously on 1.0.2u?) , and many third party software updates.

Anyone using MidnightBSD for internet facing services that's not using 
openssl from mports already should update as soon as possible.

Warning: the current packages available for both amd64 and i386 include 
an outdated version of mesa that is not playing nice with various web 
browsers that make use of EGL.  We've updated mesa in mports but haven't 
been able to rebuild packages yet.  This could be a blocker for desktop 
users until packages are refreshed.  Most GUI browsers aren't working 
with the packages, although text browsers are available.  Sorry for the 
inconvenience and we plan to update the packages this week.  You can 
update mesa from mports and downstream ports that use it if you don't 
want to wait for packages.

Lucas Holt
________________________________________________________ (Free OS) (Free blogging)

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