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FreeBSD website new design

Dear community,

As part of the WebApps Working Group we would like to show you the new
design for the website and ask about your opinion.

If all goes well, it will be released on the same day as FreeBSD 14.

The idea of a new web design is to update the FreeBSD image and show a
more modern website, with a responsive design, etc.

The new design wants to convey that FreeBSD is a modern operating
system and that it is used by leading companies in the sector and
technologies and processes key behind FreeBSD.

It is true that the design is very similar to the current "trending" designs.
But we have to think that we should show FreeBSD as an operating
system that both a startup and a large company can use.

The key points of this change:
- Complete redesign of the main page
- Responsive
- Dark theme
- Update HTML and CSS to modern versions
- Improve access to files to install FreeBSD
- Simplify the website

Things still pending:
- Dropdown button on the main page
- Dark theme
- Events page

You can see the design in [1] - [5]
It is important to indicate that the links *NOT* work, the idea is to
show the new design.

Bye and thanks for your time.

Sergio Carlavilla
(Without any hat)

PS: Please, constructive and well-founded criticism, avoid adding
also 200 links to the answer :)

PS2: To make this design we have been inspired by [6] - [9]