deadsimple BSD Security Advisories and Announcements

Core.9 is now in session

Dear all,

Core.9 has now taken office.  Your new leadership are:

    Allan Jude
    Baptiste Daroussin
    Benedict Reuschling
    Benno Rice
    Ed Maste
    George V. Neville-Neil
    Hiroki Sato
    John Baldwin
    Kris Moore

I shall be continuing as core-secretary:

    Matthew Seaman

Core would like to extend their deep gratitude for the years -- in some
cases, many years -- of service given by the departing members of core.8:

    Gavin Atkinson
    Gleb Smirnoff
    Peter Wemm
    Robert Watson
    David Chisnall

We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Last, and certainly not least, Core would like to formally thank
Dag-Erling Smørgrav and Glen Barber for running the election so smoothly.