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2019 FreeBSD Community Survey

The FreeBSD Core Team invites you to complete the 2019 FreeBSD Community

Its purpose is to collect quantitative data from the public in order to
help guide the project's priorities and efforts.

It will remain open for 17 days and close at midnight May 13 UTC (Monday
5pm PDT).

Given the wide range of people and organizations involved in the
project, this first iteration of our annual survey covers a broad range
of topics and is more exhaustive than future annual surveys will be.
Thus, it will take a little longer to complete, approximately 15 minutes
with a maximum of 47 questions. Your participation and time investment
are appreciated.

Please feel free to share the survey URL with your employer, co-workers,
friends, or any other community members interested in FreeBSD.

-- The FreeBSD Core Team (on behalf of the FreeBSD Community)