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Core.13 is Now In Office

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Dear FreeBSD Community,

The FreeBSD project is pleased to announce that the 2024 FreeBSD Core
Team election has concluded, and the following eight members now take
office as the thirteenth Core Team:

 Li-Wen Hsu (lwhsu),
 Allan Jude (allanjude),
 Gleb Smirnoff (glebius),
 Tobias C. Berner (tcberner),
 Hiroki Sato (hrs),
 Olivier Cochard (olivier),
 Dave Cottlehuber (dch), and
 Mathieu Arnold (mat).

Although the bylaws define that the Core Team consists of nine
members, Mike Karels, who was in the top nine candidates,
unfortunately passed away just before the voting end.  After a
discussion, we came to the conclusion that the eight members will
serve as the new team.  We hereby convey our sincere condolences on
the passing of him.  For more details about him, please visit the
FreeBSD Foundation's page at:

Let's extend our gratitude to the outgoing Core.12 members for their
service in the last two-year term:

 Baptiste Daroussin (bapt),
 Benedict Reuschling (bcr),
 Ed Maste (emaste),
 Greg Lehey (grog),
 John Baldwin (jhb),
 Emmanuel Vadot (manu),
 Mateusz Piotrowski (0mp),

and also to Moin Rahman (bofh) for running the election successfully
even under this complex condition.

-- Hiroki, on behalf of Core.13

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