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Announcing NetBSD and the Google Summer of Code Projects 2017

We are very happy to announce that the selection process in this year's 
Summer of Code with its bargaining of slots and what student gets assigned 
to which project is over. As a result, the following students will take on 
their projects:

  * Leonardo Taccari will work add multi-packages support to pkgsrc.
  * Maya Rashish will work on the LFS cleanup.
  * Utkarsh Anand will make Anita support multiple virtual machine systems
    and more architectures within them to improve testing coverage.

What follows now is a community bonding period until May 30th, followed by 
a coding period over the summer (it's Summer of Code, after all :-) until 
August 21st, evaluations, code submission and an announcement of the 
results on September 6th 2017.

Good luck to all our students and their mentors - we look forward to your
work results, and welcome you to The NetBSD Project!

  - Hubert Feyrer
    The NetBSD Project